Individual and group tailoring of leotards for rhythmic gymnastics

History of leotards for rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is a relatively young kind of sport, which is based on the performance of various gymnastic and dance movements. During the time of its existence it has fascinated the whole world and won the love of many spectators.

Rhythmic gymnastics can not be imagined without its vital element the introduction and development of which are inextricably linked with this kind of sport. This is a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics! But what is the story of its origin and how has it evolved over the time?

The uniform for performance of rhythmic gymnasts appeared in the USSR, where this kind of sport originated and developed. Leotards for gymnastics at that time looked like regular tights. Since the fashion industry in the early years of the existence of rhythmic gymnastics was still poorly developed, the gymnastic leotard did not have special characteristics. It was made of plain cotton, which lost its look and original shape after the first use and washing. At that time, the appearance of gymnasts did not play a big role, since the focus was just on the method of execution and the ability to charge the audience with positive energy. Moreover, according to the rules of that time competitions, the bright look of leotards was prohibited.

Later, leotards for rhythmic gymnastics began to develop and acquire completely different shapes and looks. Solid colors gave place to two-colored tights, although bright pictures on leotards were still banned by the rules of the competitions. The fabric from which the leotards were made was of the better quality and more elastic, which allowed to emphasize the body of the gymnast. Also white leotards made of more transparent and light fabric came into fashion.

The beginning of the 80's is the climax of the development of gymnastic leotards. They have become brighter and more attractive. They also began to choose the items that gymnasts used in their performance such as balls, ribbons, hula hoops and jumping ropes, so they can match the leotards. Overalls, that were also of bright colors, became popular.

On this point the development of leotards for gymnastics did not stop, but on the contrary, hit the stride! They were decorated with various drawings, appliques and decorations. They began to add small skirts to leotards, thus making them look like short dresses.

So, how do the leotards for rhythmic gymnastics look like today? There are no such restrictions as before. A lot of gymnasts give their performances in leotards, decorated with swarovski crystals, sequins, various stones and sparkles. This creates an incredible iridescence spectrum of colors that attracts the attention of spectators for the entire time of the performance of the gymnasts. Now the gymnastic leotard is a specific piece of art, created in the process of diligent work of craftsmen.

It is hard to believe that before leotards for gymnastics had a dramatically different look than today!

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